Deviaa provides online counselling services

Online sessions with your therapist. Online sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions and offer benefits such as eliminating travel time. You are not bound to a specific location, therefore the sessions can take place anywhere. In addition to these benefits, it is important to take your privacy into account.

Online counselling services

In order to successfully receive effective therapy, it’s important to know that we have a good understanding of your needs. Sometimes, certain issues may be better addressed through face-to-face interactions.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide online therapy for some problems. These include high-risk suicidal thoughts, self-harm, (vulnerability to) a psychosis, a forensic background, complex physical health problems, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, ASS, multiple substance use and/or dependence on GHB or opioids. For these concerns, it is advisable to seek help at a physical location. Additionally, we recently stopped conducting diagnostic assessments for ADHD. However, if the diagnosis had already been given, you can still enroll for (online) ADHD symptom treatment.

Additionally, it’s helpful to have basic digital skills and the necessary equipment (computer or tablet with a webcam) to facilitate online conversations.

For treatment through Deviaa Online, living in the Netherlands is not a necessity. Living abroad isn’t a problem, and the sessions can be conducted in English.

At Deviaa online, you can seek help for and assistance with depressive feelings, stress-related issues, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, grief and loss, work-related problems and school related issues. We also offer online parenting support and, in some cases, online youth counseling.

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